Introduction: Happy Dream Manor has so many activities and facilities, you can have fun here and learn about more knowledge of ecology. With the vibe of natural, you can release all the depress, clean the bad mood from inside and have a restful day.
Business Hours:MON to SUN 09:00-17:00
Ticket: 100/person(Discountable for any purchase)
Payment: Cash/Credit Card
Passenger Capacity:600/pp
Parking Space:20 cars, 5 bus
Facilities:Sales Department, B&B, Flower Field, Ecologic Park, Animal Area, Tea Tasting Area, Open-Air Café, Parent-Child Area, Gazebo, Watch Tower
Contact:Mr. Ho / 0933-328289 / 03-3887700 / happydreamstates@gmail.com
Address:No. 150, Sec. 2, Rui’an Rd., Daxi Dist., Taoyuan City 335, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Website: https://www.happydreamstates.com.tw/

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