About This Area

Daxi is a District of abundant water resources, less industrial pollution, and high proportion of agricultural land. It is evaluated by Taoyuan City Government as the best growing area for organic agriculture. Also, this leisure agriculture area is located in the vicinity of Taoyuan City and Xinbei City, with convenient transportation, and the local preserved traditional rural culture, it is expected to be“Food Agriculture Education”“ Organic settlement” and other development-oriented.
※Cultural resources
The population of this leisure agricultural area combines with the ethnic groups of Minnan, Hakka and other ethnic groups, presenting diverse ethnic culture and religious beliefs. Visiting Daxi, the beauty of temples and churches is definitely worth to travel.
※Agricultural characteristics
The Daxi District is rich in specialties of agricultural, among which it is best known as “organic crops”. Crops include rice, vegetables, melons, flowers, leeks, green bamboo shoots, etc. The leisure agriculture area and residents jointly promote friendly environmental farming, conserve the ecology of local species; and unite the community consensus to develop sustainable agriculture, never use chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers, producing healthy and safe organic agricultural products. Also, the land makes the breeding of fireflies ecologically successful.

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