★ Recommended Trips

1.Sanhe Wood Craft DIY:
Sanhe Wood Craft offers comprehensive DIY course for products such as triangle coaster, spatula and toolbox. You can make your unique handmade product when knowing the feature of wood material and delicate craftsmanship.
Come to Dozo Life and enjoy the perfect combination of bean products in Japanese cuisine.

2.Tomita Leisure Farm:
After lunch, head to Tamita Leisure Farm and talk walk with alpacas, enjoy delicious coffee and afternoon tea, watch the glass church in the water and spend a relaxing afternoon with the nature.

About this area

Kangzhuang Rd come across the Kangzhuang Leisure Agricultural Area, reaching Daxi old street to the north and connecting to Shimen Reservoir in the south. It is the only way from Daxi to Shimen Reservoir.The area offers a variety of farming activities, including vegetable cultivation, catching eels, strawberry picking, tomato picking and wood sculping. Tourists can experience farming in different ways.

Tired of the unchanging urban life?

Come to Kangzhuang and experience the true meaning of life!

The Good Farm

There are nearly 50,000 visitors annually in Good Farm as they offer quality service with good reputation. Apart from tourists, they also arrange school activities. It is a place suitable for parent-child, and adult to experience rural life. There are different faming activities in different seasons.

Happy Dream Manor

Walk into the states, you will feel like coming into countryside. There is large amount of wooden furniture with strong European style decoration. Lovers, friends or families can enjoy a relaxing time here.

Tomita Farm Taiwan

The well-known drama “La robe de mariée des cieux“ was shoot in this  romantic European style place. There is DIY classroom and green dining room on the first floor of the castle, on the second floor is the landscape restaurant that offers feature cuisine and afternoon tea.

A glimpse of the beauty of Kangzhuang